T-series spiral bevel gearbox straight gearbox speed reduction

T Series Spiral bevel gear 
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    Bevel Gearbox
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    ShanDong of China
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  • T series spiral bevel gearbox with various types are standardized,all ratio of 1:1,1.5:1,2:1,2.5:1,3:1,4:1 and 5:1 are actual ones.Average efficiency is 98%.
  • There are one input shafts,unilateral output shaft and double side output shaft.
  • Spiral bevel gear can rotate in both directions and transmit smoothly,low noise,light vibration,high performance.
  • If ratio is not 1:1,if input speed on single-extendable shaft,output speed will be reduced;if input speed on double-extendable shaft,output speed will be reduced.


  • Housing: high rigidity of the FC-25 cast iron casting;
  • Gear: gear with high purity alloy steel 20CrMnTiH quenched processing, carburizing quenching and grinding;
  • Main: shaft made of alloy steel quenching and tempering process, with the heavy load capacity;
  • Bearing: tapered roller bearing with heavy load capacity;
  • Oil seal: with oil seal lip, ability has dustproof and oil leak-proof high;                   


  • Self-locking ability
  • Can be driven directly by motor or other power or manual
  • Can be customized according user's demand
  • Compact configuration, small size, lightweight
  • Convenient installation, flexible operation
  • High reliability and stability
  • Long service life
  • More connection form etc.

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  • T Seires Gearbox


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