(1)Cubic housing jack has the small size, compact and robust structure and mounting versatility.

(2)Cubic screw jacks boast an extensive performance range capable of both compressive and tensile loads。

(3)with a cubic housing shape unite the idea of converting a rotary movement into an axial movement with the aesthetic exterior of the cubic housing to form a functional unit, through which the constructive basic idea of a simple and robust Screw jacks design was ideally realised.


Minimisation of the necessary components and maximisation of the effectiveness of these components

Relatively large lifting and moving forces can be realised in the smallest of spaces

The spindle is guided through the housing

The cubic housing shape makes attachment to existing construction elements simple

  • Electric Small Screw Jack Supplier
    Electric Small Screw Jack Supplier
    1.Screw jack capacities from 1/4 ton to 350 tons 2.Available in machine screw, ball screw, stainless steel machine screw actuators, micro-miniature actuators, high duty cycle actuators, motorized machine screw and ball screw actuators, electric cylinders and motor control systems   3.Accessories include miter gear boxes, motor adapters, transducers, couplings, ball screws and ball screw systems, and locking rings 4.Can be used as alternatives to hydraulic and pneumatic systems
  • cubic screw jack
    Cubic Ball Screw Jack Supplier
    Ball screw jacks combine the gear unit with a linear drive performed by a ball screw that, in comparison with the traditional acme screw, offers following advantages: • higher total efficiency • longer life of the whole linear drive system The following two comparative examples give an idea of the higher efficiency that can be obtained with this system: • considering a screw jack consisting of a worm gear with linear drive performed by an acme screw,  the total efficiency of the screw jack is between 10 % and 40 % • considering a screw jack consisting of a worm gear with linear drive performed by a ball screw, the  total efficiency of the screw jack is between 30 % and 70 % Our Ball screw jacks are available in two different models: • travelling screw (Model A,namely translating type) • travelling nut (Model B,namely rotating type)
  •  Stainless Steel Housing Worm Gear Jack
    JWM Series Stainless Steel Housing Worm Gear Jack
    JWM Series Stainless Steel Housing Worm Gear Jack
    Lude Transmission stainless steel screw jacks are specifically designed for positioning and lifting applications tha are located in wet, corrosive and harsh environments. They can be trapezoidal type or ball type. Metallurgical properties of stainless steel allow it to remain ductile even at very low temperatures.These mechanical jacks are available in 2 ton through 25 ton capacities. Upright or inverted jacks operate at full capacity in tension or compression Features:All exposed surfaces and components feature stainless steel or bronze constructiorNitrile rubber seals protect all internal mechanismsTapered or ball thrust bearings provide rugged reliabilityChoose one of four standard end conditionsProtective boots availableAnti-backlash devices availableLude Transmission can customize to your specifications
  • small screw jack
    Small Lead Mechanical Screw jack 5KN
    5 KN  Small Screw Jacks, also called 5 kN Cubic worm gear screw jack or small worm screw jack.
  • ball screw jack
    SJB Model Ball Screw Jack with Top Plate End
    The ball screw jacks can be employed for lifting, pulling, moving, aligning any kind of load with a perfect synchronism, which is difficult to obtain by means of other handling devices. The ball screw jacks are suitable for high services as well as for a very rapid, quick and precise positioning. Ball Screw Jacks use a ball screw and nut made from hardened alloy steel with bearing balls carrying the load between nut & screw. This rolling action reduces the friction between nut and screw, permitting smooth and efficient load movement that requires approximately 1/3 less torque than a machine screw jack with the same load. Ball screw jacks are preferred for:  Long travel lengths . Long, predictable life .  High duty cycles.  Oscillating motion
  • manual screw jacks for lifting
    Worm gear screw jack manual screw jack
    Manual Screw Jack is composed of hand wheel or hand crank and a worm gear screw jack.It is ideal solutions for applications where electricity or power generators is inconvenient or dangerous.
  • 1
    Top-ranking products Stainless steel screw jack industrial worm screw jacks SJA/SJB
    SJA/SJB series SJA Control screw rotation Absolute mechanical synchronous lift system Safety nut design, monitoring the wear and tear of the product, eliminate hidden dangers And gear motor and all kinds of accessories module combination to meet customer requirements Load capacity range: 500 kg -100 tons Ball screw jack life calculation Ball screw jack SJB series life mainly depends on the life of the ball screw and worm gear and other components; we mainly check the life of the ball screw, the worm will wear, but life of the worm is generally longer than the ball screw. Life expectancy for ball screws L10 is the operating distance at which 90% of ball screws meet or exceed the fatigue life of metal materials. The unit is millions of millimeters. Ball screw life expectancy L10 is not a promise of durability, while life expectancy should need the correct maintenance, no pollutants and the correct lubrication. If the life expectancy of the ball screw needs to above 90%: then multiply the life expectancy by the following coefficients
  • mini screw jack
    Mini Screw Jack with Rubber Protective Cover
    Mini Screw Jack available load capacity is from 500kg to 100ton.
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