HD series helical gear reducer 90 degree gearbox

The box is hexahedron that can fit into different mounting frames.
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Product Introduction

1.The spiral commutator design service life is long, large carrying capacity, smooth transmission,low noise gear linear velocity can be as high as 40 meters/seconds, transmission efficiency is as high as 94% - 98%.

2.HD commutator spiral cone gear box body shape for regular hexahedron, able to adapt to different location of installation.
3.The commutator can realize reduction and growth of two kinds of driving mode.
4.There are seven kinds of specifications of the HD series commutator, large range of selection and the output shaft in a variety of forms, can meet the needs of a variety of occasions.

5.Arc tooth taper gear is made of high quality low carbon alloy steel, after carburizing and quenching heat treatment, and the grinding running-in, realize high precision closed transmission of hard-toothed surface.

1.Case: High rigidity FC-25 cast iron
2.Gears: The material is high quality high purity steel alloy 20CrMnTiH with carburizing and quenching treatment and grinding process.
3.Main shaft: Adopt steel alloy to temper, high hanging load capacity
4.Bearing: Heavy load capacity taper roller bearing
5.Oil seal: The oil seal with double sealing lips, it has ability of dust proof and oil leak proof.

Technical Data Sheets &CAD

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