ARA series high-precision steering boxes of different dimensions

Mini 90 Right Angle Bevel Gear Reducer

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ARA series of spiral bevel gear steering box 

Features:small and complete installation, light weight, aluminum alloy shell, shaft need to steel for corrosion resistance when ordering.The lubricant is added before out of factory.

ARA series modular steering box adopts scientific design, features, is indispensable to transmission equipment industry products.Excellent performance, light weight, small volume, high torque;strong case, use the high quality aluminum alloy die casting;nice appearance, reasonable design.Wide applicable scope, large torque, low noise, long service life.

Power: 0.018KW~4.94KW
Speed ratio:1:1 and 2:1

1.Case: High rigidity FC-25 cast iron
2.Gears: The material is high quality high purity steel alloy 20CrMnTiH with carburizing and quenching treatment and grinding process.
3.Main shaft: Adopt steel alloy to temper, high hanging load capacity
4.Bearing: Heavy load capacity taper roller bearing
5.Oil seal: The oil seal with double sealing lips, it has ability of dust proof and oil leak proof.

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