Worm Gear Screw Jack's Future Apr 10 , 2016
Worm Gear Screw Jack in China already has a history of nearly 60 years.Screw jacks are widely used for industrial machinery for varied applications such as tipping, lifting, lowering or moving. Screw jacks play an important role for linear actuation requirements. The selection of screw jacks depends on various factors such as the type of load, desired speed for lifting, temperature conditions etc.
worm screw jack with customized top end

Since 2008, China has adopted a very active fiscal and monetary policy to stimulate domestic demand, vigorously invest in infrastructure, increase investment in fixed assets, the development of various industries into the fast lane. Especially in infrastructure investment to accelerate the development of building materials, electricity, metallurgy, energy, engineering machinery and so on, so the demand for screw jacks gradually expanded. In the meantime,the requirements for screw jacks also get higher.So industry expert suggest that screw jack suppliers should design new products and improve quality to meet future markets' demand.
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