When to use screw jack with anti-rotation(keyed) device? Jun 18 , 2016

Sometimes customers look for screw jacks with anti-rotation function. Then lets us see more about anti-rotation device.

When Work Screw rotation must be prevented, the Jacks can be realized with keyway along the Work Screw, a matching key (6) is fastened to the cover of the Jack which will eliminate Work Screw rotation.

screw jack with anti-rotation

This design is only available for translating screw jacks. If the structure/object connected to the lead screw is not prevented from rotating or the lead screw is not always in contact with the structure then a screw jack with an Anti-Rotationmechanism (keyed) should be used. For machine screw jacks the mechanism uses an internal key to prevent the lead screw from rotating.

Anti-rotation device is suggested for limited strokes and low speed.
The Anti-rotation device causes greater than normal wear on the Work Screw, somewhat reducing Jack life.

worm screw jack with keyway

For ball screw jacks a guided element fixed to the ball screw is used to prevent the ball screw from rotating.

What other design features are available? Other designs & features available include:

1.Bellows boot screw protection

2.Safety nut (translating or rotating screw types)

3.Motor adapter kit

4.Double Clevis - reinforced cover pipe with clevis

5.Anti-corrosion protection. As well as stainless steel various platings and paint finishes are available

6.Trunnion mounts for base of screw jack

7.Limit switch kits (mechanical, proximity and rotary cam types)

8.Thrust rings for screw jacks that need to withstand high shock loads

9.Reinforced gearbox housing

10.Upgraded rotating screw jack for improved column strength for compressive load

In practical applications, customers can choose worm trapezoidal screw lift or worm ball screw lift according to their own need, whether anti-rotation function is needed. You can also consult our sales staff to learn more.

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