When to replace the lubricant for the bevel spiral gear box? May 25 , 2018

The bevel spiral gearboxes provide low backlash torque transmission, and the speed correction drives allow for precise registration, timing, and narrow range speed control.Please pay attention to the lubricant replacement during use.

Proper maintenance is necessary for getting the optimal performance and longest life out of your gearbox. Standard oil change intervals are after the first 500 hours, then every 2000 hours. Lower duty cycles or the use of synthetic oils may allow for longer change intervals. Continuous high speed or heavy load applications could require shorter change intervals.

It is also important to maintain the proper oil level. Too little oil results in insufficient lubrication and cooling. Too much oil can cause overheating due to excess shear friction. Standard oil level sight glasses and optional external oil gauges are available to monitor the gearbox oil level.

The oil or grease within the gearbox lubricates and transfers heat to cool the gearbox. The majority of heat is generated by oil shear, bearing friction, and seal friction. During normal operation and speeds, the gears and bearings are adequately lubricated by oil splash and misting. An acceptable temperature range is up to 100° C (212° F), normally seen at maximum design speed. If higher temperatures are being generated, additional cooling methods will be required.

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