The Difference Between T Bevel Gearbox and HD Bevel Gearbox May 18 , 2018

Our commonly used reversing devices include T series bevel gearboxes and HD series gearboxes. When these two are used under normal conditions, they can replace each other. What are the differences between them? Lude Transmission will answer you:

Firstly, the appearance of the HD bevel gearbox is smaller than that of the T series gear box. This is mainly because the inner diameter of the HD is smaller than that of the T series, and the structure is more compact than the T series. Therefore, if you want to select a small gearbox under the same conditions, it is recommended to select the HD series gearbox.

Secondly, from the perspective of installation stability, HD has a high degree of fixation and can be installed and fixed on multiple surfaces so that it can withstand greater impact loads. The T-Steering Box is relatively simple to install and can withstand four corners. General shock load.

The above mentioned the advantages of HD, then what are the advantages of T series steering box?
Again, the T series is more tolerant than the HD series. This is mainly because under the same conditions, the T series has a larger internal diameter than HD, so it can withstand more torque. The T gearbox is more practical than the HD if it is solely for torque considerations.
Finally, let's talk about the price that everyone cares about. Under the same conditions of use, using the T series gearbox is much cheaper than using the HD series.

To sum up, the use of bevel gearbox mainly depends on the use environment and requirements. If the price limit is small, needed size is small, the use of impact load is strong, and the fixing is relatively strong, it is recommended to use the HD gearbox; if economic price is needed, at the same time to withstand greater torque, the installation environment is more relaxed, It is recommended to use the T series bevel spiral gearbox.

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