Comparison of Worm Screw Jacks with Traditional Hydraulic& Pneumatic Jack May 11 , 2018

Worm Screw jacks are essential components in automated machinery and usually operate in high-load applications.They are playing more and more import role in lifting industry.

Then what is the advantage compared with traditional Hydraulic Jack& PneumaticJack? Let's see the following:

1. Accurate positioning, self-locking after power off.

2. The system structure is simple and compact, without the need for a variety of complex pump valves, fuel tanks or gas sources and piping systems.

3.Less noise, no fluid leakage, little pollution to the environment, is an ideal green product.

4.Due to the deceleration structure, the system can achieve small horses that use a small motor to transmit a large torque.

5. Can constitute a closed-loop servo control system to achieve automatic control.

6.Accurate and smooth delivery of force

Lude Transmission offers both worm gear screw jack and bevel gear screw jack, acme and ball screw,translating and rotating,upright and inverted. Whenever you have such need, just feel free to contact us at

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