How is the lifting speed varied? Jun 01 , 2018
When customers consult us about the worm gear screw jack, we will ask customers provide detailed requirements.One of the requirements is the lifting speed. Today let's learn something about the lifting speed.

Screw jacks operate with the principle of a worm gearbox and typically 3 or 4 worm gear ratios are used to create a range of linear speeds.  An additional variable is the number of starts of the screw, between 1 and 4 starts are possible. Increasing the number of starts gives increased linear speed but load capacity may reduce.

Ball screw jacks feature a similar worm gearbox with variable ratios and a ball screw & nut replacing the acme screw.  Linear speeds can be varied by the pitch of the ball screw.

High speed ball screw jacks use bevel instead of worm gears leading to shallow ratios, higher speeds and higher efficiency.

Screw jack input speeds can be as low as ‘hand winding’ or as high as motor speeds (usually 4 pole 1500 r/min but 2 pole 3000 r/min can be possible)

Worm gear screw jack is suitable for low speed while bevel gear screw jack's lifting speed can be higher. Please choose suitable screw jack according to detailed needs and welcome to contact us anytime!

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