Screw Size Selection for Screw lifter Mar 21 , 2018

There are some important parameters for Screw lift selection : lifting load (KN), screw stroke

(mm) and lifting speed (m / min). Lifting load and screw stroke are both important to lift screw size selection.

For example: For two worm gear screw lifts with same load 200KN, travel respectively 100mm and 1000mm, usually  we can choose 0.5T (screw diameter 18) or 1T (screw diameter 20) screw lift  with 100mm stroke to meet the normal use; we recommend to select 5T (screw diameter 40) or if plus guide device we can also use 2.5T (screw diameter 30) screw lift with 1000mm , because the stroke is too long, the screw is too thin, the screw is easy to get bent during the up or down process, so try to choose a larger model. Of course, there are other circumstances that will affect the lift selection, please make a reasonable choice according to the specific working conditions, or you can also consult our technical staff.

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