Screw Jack Lifting Speed Control Jan 17 , 2018

As a worm screw lift manufacturer , we often receive calls from  customers to inquire about the speed of the lift. How do you make the screw jack complete the stroke in the specified time?

lead screw lifting mechanism
The main factors determining the speed of the screw jack are the input speed, speed ratio and pitch. Usually, we have two kinds of jacks, which are fast and slow. The high speed ratio is 6:1, and the slow speed ratio is 24:1. The pitches of different models of lifters are fixed, so that we can easily calculate the time needed for lifting.
Lifting speed = speed input 1450 (common 4  grade motor output speed of 1450r/min) / lift ratio *  pitch.
Take SWL2.5 ton screw jack as an example: the standard screw pitch of the jack is 6mm,
With the fast peed ratio,speed is: 1450÷6 x 6=1450mm/min
With the slow speed ratio, speed is: 1450 ÷24 x 6=362mm/min
Assuming the screw lift stroke is 500mm, then the time to finish the stroke with fast speed ratio is  500mm÷(1450mm÷60s)=20.7s;With Slow speed ratio; the time required will be  500÷(362mm÷60s)=83s
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