Screw Lift Motor Choosing Feb 01 , 2018

Screw lifts are found everywhere in production life, especially in some working platforms. Worm gear screw lift can be used alone or with more than one reducer or steering box linkage. It Can be manually adjusted,  also can be used motor or other power driven.

electric worm screw lift

Please choose a good motor with good cooling performance when you choose motors for screw lifts. Because the elevator needs to work continuously, it needs good ventilation; For high temperature operation of the vertical lift platform, F-class insulation motors should be chosen; when we install screw jack platform indoor , the motor protection level should not be less than IP23, outdoors should reach IP54; If  we choose DC motor , a transparent window  is needed in order to check the carbon brushes and commutators; Screw lift motor with a torque should be within a short time Overload capacity; when Lifts working environment humidity is big, the internal should have heaters, with overheat alarm or power protection device.

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