Features of Cubic Acme Screw Jack Nov 07 , 2018

Cubic acme screw jack,which is refered to SJA series in Lude Transmission ,  including travelling screw type and travelling nut type. Load capacity ranges from 500 kg- 100 tons, with the maximum input speed 1800rpm/min.

Cubic Acme Screw Jack

Cubic acme screw jack,features a unique square housing that makes it extremely compact, small in size, light in weight and extremely easy to install. It can be installed on all sides and has various installation methods. The multiple positions are compact, tidy and beautiful. It can be used in a single unit or in combination. Also, our mini screw jack can accurately control the height of the lifting or pushing according to certain procedures,and is directly driven by motor or other power source, or manually operated. Here you can select various assembly methods, and the lifting height can be customized according to user requirements.

SJA series cubic acme screw jack is of self-locking. The selflocking function depends on a variety of parameters: large pitches, different gear ratios. lubrication, friction parameters, ambient influences (such as high or low temperatures), vibritions and mounting position.

There’re eleven models ,from SJA5 to SJA1000, please see the specification table below.

SJA series cubic acme screw jack

SJA series cubic acme screw jack

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