How a screw jack system works Apr 27 , 2018

The screw jack system is used for lifting heavy duty load or lifting platform.Multiple screw jacks move up and down at the same time to achieve linear motion.

Multiple screw jacks can work Synchronously and this is an important advantage of screw jack system.A screw jack system involves screw jacks, bevel gear boxes, motors, retarders, drive shafts, couplings and vertical bearing blocks.

2-set screw jack system

The screw jack system has two main features:

1.The whole system can be driven by an electric motor

2.Support the load evenly over a relatively large surface area

Multiple screw jacks can be connected mechanically or electrically to be a screw jack system.

For the latter, screw jacks are independently motorized and synchronized via electronic control systems and closed-loop feedback loops. This can also be extended so that a number of mechanically connected jacking systems are electronically synchronized/controlled, allowing mass-provided linear motion solutions.

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screw jack platform

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