The relationship between screw length and limit load Apr 12 , 2018

The length of the screw rod is customized according to the customer's needs. Sometimes customers need the screw lift which is not heavy load but long stroke. How to determine the screw lift model? Usually we will recommend larger lifts to our customers and, if necessary, add guides. In this case, customers will have questions about why they should choose such a large model. Below we can have a detailed understanding by several diagrams of screw length and limit load.

The figure shows the relationship between the screw length and the limit load under the allowable bending moments. According to the length of the screw and the lifting load, we can find the model, and then find lifting speed, if it is found that the lifting speed cannot meet the requirements, a larger model of screw jack is selected until the demand is satisfied. More detailed selection questions, please consult our sales department and send email to .

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