Bellow Boots for Worm Gear Screw Jacks Apr 27 , 2018

The bellow boot can protects the lifting screw from contaminants, helps maintain the proper lubrication and prolong the jack life.The standard bellows boots are usually circular, made of neoprene coated nylon with sewn construction, oil,water and weather resistance, can be used in -15°to +80°environment,extra 2 pcs of galvanised hose clips are included too.

Bellow boots are available for all sizes and configurations of Lude Transmission worm gear screw jacks. They are for both screw jacks models: with travelling screw Type A and with travelling nut Type B.

Screw jacks Type A with bellows

Normally, the bellows is installed between the limit screw attachment and the worm gear box, and the protection tube is installed on the opposite side.

Screw jacks Type B with bellows

The Bellow boot is normally installed between the screw jack housing and the nut and also

between the nut and the acme screw end. Some applications may require bellows in

only one of these two positions.

When you need screw jack with bellow boots, pls consider the effect of bellow boot on stroke.

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