Attention to The Application of Multiple Screw Jack System May 05 , 2018

1.synchronization: When the multiple screw jack system is driven by motor or deceleration motor, they should be connected to ensure synchronization, the coupling shaft is good in universal transmission shaft, and the rigid transmission shaft uses flexible coupling to adjust the installation error. In addition, the servo motor is used to guarantee synchronization, PLC and frequency converter to ensure synchronization.

2.speed: Speed less than 10mm/s is suitable, when speed greater than 10mm/s guides are needed, otherwise the multiple screw jack system will vibrate. The screw top of the screw nut lift should have a fixed bearing seat, otherwise the screw will swing. the guiding mechanism should consider the force balance in the direction of X-Y, and a variety of selection methods, the form of straight line sliding rail in the pipe, like the train wheel in the form of rolling in the rail, and the form of the V type wheel in the angle steel rolling.

4.limit:limit switch can not be used to control movement, it is only to protect the screw lift does not exceed the stroke.

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