Worm Gear Screw Lift Running-In Nov 08 , 2015

We all know that there is a running-in period for the use of machinery and equipment. During the running-in period, as long as we are properly tuned, we can reduce unnecessary troubles in future use by finding problems in time.  What we should pay attention to during the worm gear screw lift use?

Worm screw lifts are generally self-locking static state.( Note: self-lock is a function of acme worm screw lift)Select the lift regardless of static load, dynamic load, impact load shall not exceed its maximum allowable load, according to the safety factor, the use of stroke, proofing screw stability, choose full capacity of the lift. Screw lift should be installed in the entire plane, so that the screw shaft force and force the same direction, the elevator shaft directly connected with the motor, the need to use flexible coupling, hand rotation to be flexible.

acme worm screw lift
Screw lifts need to be refueled with regularly use , three months should be cleaned and oil change time. After the installation of the screw lift should be no-load idle, gradually loading, under normal circumstances smooth operation, no impact, noise and oil spills and so on. Lubricants should be changed promptly during the work to ensure that the worm wheel and worm have sufficient grease lubrication to reduce wear and tear. When connecting several lifts on the same axis, be sure to check the input shaft strength so that each lift assumes a torque that is within its allowable input shaft torque.

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