Rotating ball screw lifts JWB025 of worm ratio 6:1 Dec 18 , 2017

JWB025 Ball Worm Gear Screw Lift Picture

upright ball worm screw lift

JWB025 Ball Worm Gear Screw Jack Descriptions

1. Maximal Load: 24.5kN

2. Stroke: 85mm

3. Ball screw outer diameter : 25mm Ball screw inner diameter:21.4mm

4. Screw pitch: 8mm

5. Worm Ratio:6:1

6. Lift screw travel (mm), per turn of worm shaft (H: high ratio): 1.33mm

7. Efficiency %: 62

8. Permissible input torque (N.m) : 49

9. Max. Permissible input power (kw): 1.3

JWB025 Ball Screw Jack Dimensional Drawing

rotating ball screw jack

Ball Screw lifts Application

Ball screw lifts  in today's society has wide range of applications. The main fields are the medical industry, industrial industry,automatic equipment ,aerospace and so on.

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