Why is anti-backlash control important? Mar 27 , 2023

What is an anti-backlash?

Anti-Backlash Screw Jacks feature backlash control that helps prevent unwanted movement in your load application. Anti-backlash screw jacks have the ability to eliminate play between the screw and the internal nut for when you need very accurate positioning. They are available in standard, optional, and numerical ratios, as well as stainless steel for most capacities.

anti-backlash screw jack

Why is anti-backlash control important?

Even in the best manufacturing processes, clearances between a screw and a mating nut can be found. In applications where loads can be moved in either direction, these types of clearances can be found, causing backlash and unacceptable movement or vibration in the controlled mechanism as the load moves. These movements cause premature wear and reduce the precision of load movement and are commonly found in applications like paper, plastic, film, sheet metal processing, satellite, and other load reversing applications. Screw jacks with anti-backlash control can help avoid these issues.

Anti-Backlash Screw Jacks

Anti-Backlash Screw Jacks

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