Why choose electric linear actuator ? Jan 03 , 2019

A linear actuator is a mechanical device that converts energy (power from air, electricity or liquid) to create motion in a straight line; contrasted with circular motion of a conventional electric motor. It can also be used to apply a force. Types of motion include: blocking, clamping, ejecting, lifting, descending, pushing or pulling.

Compared with hydraulic and pneumatic products with the same function, the electric linear actuator is most cost-effective, cleaner, easier to operate, and more energy efficient, so users can benefit much from it . The integrated design of the linear actuator is easier to programmatically control and minimizes maintenance. It is a kind of cargo lifting equipment with good lifting stability and wide application range.

The Electric Linear Actuator features:

High strength/ high wear-resistant materials, high precision parts processing, shell advanced design ideas, creating a high bearing capacity, impact resistance, low noise, long life and high quality products, can work in harsh industrial environments. Configuration is divided into ordinary tooth screw electric putter (work system is 30%) and ball screw electric push rod (work system 60%), the specific use conditions need to be confirmed by both sides.

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