Tips for Using Screw Jacks Jan 16 , 2019

As a transmission device, screw jack has a wide range of usage. Such as metallurgy, water conservancy, mining, photovoltaic and other industries. It is used to replace hydraulic transmission and pneumatic transmission because it’s non-polluting, self-locking, heavy load, low noise features .

Screw jack itself has reduction ratio. As a mechanical structure device, it has a wide driving source, easy installation and simple operation. However, there are some skills in the use of jacks , which can be more energy-efficient and environmental friendly to serve customers.

1. In the operation of screw jack , pay attention to temperature rise. If the temperature rises too fast , exceeds 50 °C, it is necessary to stop and check . If the temperature rises too fast, it indicates that there is a large amount of wear, or overload operation. It can continue operate after eliminating the reason.

2. When replacing grease or lubricating oil, stop it and replace when the machine has residual temperature. Since the grease will solidify after the jack completely cooled, it is very difficult to replace the grease. Also, cut off the power to prevent accidents.

3. The oil quality should be tested frequently. If it is too turbid or becomes less, it should be replaced and added in time. If too turbidity, will affect the worm wheel and worm structure lubrication, reduce the service life of the screw jack .When adding grease, please pay attention to use the same type of grease as before.

4. Establish reasonable equipment inspection and maintenance regulations. Record and troubleshoot the problems occurred timely and maintain the jacks regularly.

Worm Gear Screw Jack

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