Slewing Drive Self-locking Dec 02 , 2015

Slewing drive is widely used in solar energy field, wind power generation, shipbuilding, tower crane and other construction machinery, can withstand greater axial force, radial force and tipping torque, can drive the turntable or bracket for horizontal and pitch angle rotation.

closed housing slewing drive

Slewing drive can be installed in -40 ° to 80 ° environment, working efficiency of 35% to 40%. Self-locking is an important feature of slewing drive. Slewing drive is static self-locking, in some special cases such as earthquakes, self-locking under the trend of reverse rotation is still valid. In many drive systems, self-locking is very important, in general, the use of additional brakes and stops are the most commonly used method, self-locking gear can not completely replace the role of brakes.

A notable feature of the slewing drive is between the static self-locking and dynamic self-locking features. When the starting efficiency ηA ≤ 0.5, the static self-locking exists, it is impossible at this time through the rotary slewing support to drive the worm; sometimes through some external vibration and other external forces to make this self-locking failure, this time by rotary slewing bearing To drive the worm, when running mechanical efficiency η ≤ 0.5, the helix angle ym = 2.5 ° ~ 4 ° can achieve dynamic self-locking (that is, automatically locked in motion), this time by relying on tooth surface contact stress and friction can realize this function. Learn more about SE enclosed slewing drive,standard and custom slewing drive at

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