New Product: Anti-Backlash Screw Jacks Aug 22 , 2015

Anti-backlash screw jack is a new kind of screw jack. It is suitable for some  applications which require  minimal  or regulated  axial  backlash  for  accurate  and repeatable positioning, such as in positioning  the  rollers  in  steel  straightening  machines  for  tube,  bar  or  sheet  steel  production.

This  anti-backlash  mechanism  on  screw jacks  can  be  used  to  reduce  axial  backlash to a practical minimum (typically 0.013mm) or  a  regulated  value.  Reduction  in  axial backlash  below  this  minimum  is  not  normally  recommended  as  it  can  cause  binding and excessive wear. As the screw jack is operated  over  time  the  axial  backlash  will increase  as  the  lead  screw  thread  on  the gear  wears  due  to  normal  operation.

To help  with  the  identification  of  wear,  screw jacks  can  also  be  fitted  with  a  wear  monitoring  device  for  visual  use  or  with  electronic sensing for integration into a motion control   system,   whether   in   single-face gearbox,  cubic  gearbox  or  special  designs.

anti-backlash screw actuator

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