How to choose suitable screw jack? Oct 23 , 2013

If you need screw jacks or screw jack system,but not sure about the details.What should you do?

Donot worry. Just refer to the five questions below and come back to us with the answers.Then we will help you choose suitable model and make drawing for your confirm.

Q1: The lift capacity is ? Kg (it means how many Kilos or KN the screw jack need to lift)

The screw’s travel stroke is ? mm (it means the screw length, such as 400mm)

The ratio? (it means how much time you want the screw to use to finish the travel stroke? Such as I want to use 10 Sec to finish the 400mm stroke, it means the speed requirement)

Answer: I need lift Kn (Kg) weight,  stroke is mm,  I want to use seconds to finish the stroke.

Q2: Which the screw top you need? Answer:  I need (T H S R).

Q3: Hand wheel driven (manual) or electric motor driven? Answer: I need .

Q4: Pull or lift? ( Upright or Inverted? )

Q5: Linkage scheme, if you need two or above two sets screw jacks to linkage, pls see the below.

For example, 4 sets linkage H type as follows:

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