How to add anti-rotation device? Oct 16 , 2017
Where the worm gear lifting screw jack's application calls for the rotation of the Lifting Screw to remain fixed,there are two method available to add the anti-rotation device.

1. Keyed-Keyway
A channel is created along the length of the Trapezoidal Lifting Screw. A key is fixed to the main body of the Jack. As the Lifting Screw passes through the Screw Jack, the Key prevents any rotation.
Application: Mostly used on smaller Screw Jacks where rotational forces are lower and on Screw Jacks with shorter strokes. Please note input torques required will increase by approximately 8%.
Keyed screw actuator with anti-rotation function
2.Keyed-Square Guide Tube
A square guide tube is attached to either the top or bottom of the Screw Jack. A square bronze nut is attached to the end of the Lifting Screw which is then fitted inside the tube, preventing rotation.
Application: Mostly used on larger Jacks and where the Lifting Load is high in relationship to the Nominal Capacity or where the travel is long.  Please note input torques required will increase by approximately 8%.

lifting screw jack with square guide tube
If customers need special method to add anti-rotation device, please contract Lude Transmission's technician for detailed suggestion.

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