Enclosed Single Axis Slewing drives used for Aerial Work Platform Truck Oct 27 , 2017

single axis slew drive

Aerial work platform is a very important apply domain for slewing drive, usually it is very necessary of higher safety coefficient for main engines of all the aerial work carriages. The security of slewing drive is a key factor for most customers to choose it as the component of aerial work carriage; on the other hand, the worm gear and endless screw has larger speed ratio, which improve the security factor the main engine, at same time it can save a reducing device with worm gear and endless screw. As a result, the producing cost of main engine is reduced.

single axis enclosed slewing drive

The Aerial work platform usually uses single axis SE enclosed slewing drive.It can help power movement across industries and are perfect for situations requiring both load-holding and rotational torque from the same gearbox.

The single axis enclosed slewing drive is widely used for relative rotation parts of the construction machines and solar tracking systems.It is designed enclosed to resist wind, rainstorm and other harsh environment, it can working outdoor.

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