Foot-Mount Screw Jack Mar 26 , 2019

Foot-Mount screw jacks provide a low-cost solution for a variety of industrial lift, lowering, pushing and pulling applications. These worm gear screw jacks feature self-locking trapezoidal screws and are available in a variety of options and configurations, the most basic including Translating, Keyed or Rotating designs.

 worm gear screw jacks


Translation, keying and rotating worm gear screw jacks

Heavy duty tapered roller bearing design

Self-locking trapezoidal screw , single or multiple jack system

Custom design



The stroke is determined by the ratio of the worm wheel screw jack. The standard ratio N produces 1mm of travel per one revolution of the input shaft, or worm. The input speed is 1,500 rpm, which is equivalent to a stroke of 1,500 mm per minute. The maximum input shaft speed is 1,800 RPM. Instead of the ratio L, a stroke of 0.25 mm is produced for each rotation of the input shaft. Based on an input shaft speed of 1,500 rpm, this ratio produces a speed of 375 millimeters per minute


Lateral forces can shorten the life of the screw jack and can cause product failure. The screw jack should be isolated from the lateral forces by the use of guide rails. Rotating or traveling nut-type worm gear screw jacks must be used in single jack applications without external guidance.


Trapezoidal screw jacks are self-locking. This function depends on various parameters including , but not limited to screw pitch, screw jack ratio, lubrication, vibration, mounting position, etc. It is necessary to brake or brake the motor to ensure the position is maintained. Please consult the Lude Transmission design process during use. Brakes are recommended for all applications involving vibration.


Normal operating conditions are -20ºC to 80ºC. Please consult Lude Transmission for applications that require temperatures outside this range.

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