What are the reasons for the worm gear screw elevator vibration? Oct 18 , 2018

The worm gear screw lift has a large deviation from the pitch, which is generally caused by wear of the drive gear. If it is a multi-end worm, the positional tolerance of the work piece should be measured with the instrument. If the tolerance exceeds the standard, it should be adjusted in time. Procurement of poor quality bearings is often due to non-uniform die-casting of some points. This is a result of impediments to gear movement.

A possible situation with the vibration of the worm gear screw lifter is that the protective cover is too tight when installed, and resonance jitter occurs when the worm gear screw jack moves. When the initial installation is not aligned with the center rectification, direct mounting or the like will cause the worm gear screw jack to shake.

The above is the reason why the vibration of the worm gear screw lifter is more common. Only when the cause is found can the vibration of the worm gear screw lift be solved.

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