The Maximum Stroke of Screw Jack Oct 18 , 2018

Sometimes customers ask"What is the maximum stroke of the screw jack?" Today let's learn something about the long travel of the screw jack.

Usually the maximum travel of a single worm screw jack lift is 3-4M. If this length is exceeded, the screw rod is easily to get deformed and bent during use, especially when the jack is used to raise the object.

Larger Screw Jacks have their maximum raise / stroke available limited only by the available length of bar stock from suppliers (note - special steel production runs can be organised for special applications) and the practical ability to handle, machine and transport the lead screw and the complete screw jack. Practical lengths will also be affected by whether the screw is to be subjected to compression or tension loads. Depending on diameter the length can be limited due to deformation of material in the machining process or column strength of the screw when subjected to compression loads.

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