How to Make Better Use of Screw Lifts Oct 18 , 2018

The worm gear screw jacks are widely used in our daily life, and we can see the use of screw jack in iron and steel enterprises or in machinery factories or in hardware factories.  So how do you use it better?

First of all, when we use screw lifts, we need to know that the worm gear screw jacks are relatively fragile and afraid of water naturally, so if there is water dripping on the jack, you should dry it in time, or remember to install a blower when the screw jack is installed. Even if there is water, it can be cleaned in time.

Secondly,when the screw jack is not used, what we need to do is to place the screw lifter in a cool and dry place. At this time, we need to do a lot of things. For example, in a certain period of time, we should promptly turn our screw lifts. At the same time, when the worm screw lift is placed, it can not be stacked, otherwise the lifespan of the screw lift will be shortened.

Third, in the use of worm screw lifts, we should know that  the screw lifts should be subject to uniform force of the material.  If the force is not uniform, it is not good for the screw jack.

worm gear screw jack

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