Screw Jack Screw Top End Type & Function Oct 18 , 2018

Our commonly used worm gear screw lifts have a total of four screw top end types: plain end, top plate, threaded, and clevis end. These four functions are different, and customers can choose different end types according to their actual use.

Worm gear screw lifts are divided into two types according to the structural form. Type I namely translating type, above four end types are available, Type II,namely rotating type, only plain end and threaded end are available. The reason why the type II has no top plate type and clevis end type is because for the type II copper nut must be installed. After installation, the flange or clevis end can no longer be installed.

worm gear acme screw jack

Now let’s see the functions of the four types of screw top end:

Plain end type, can be installed on the fixed bearing; top plate type, can directly lift the object , but the flange also can be connected with other equipment; Threaded end type, can be connected with other equipment through the thread, used to fix; the clevis end can be connected with other equipment through the hole in the middle, or through the hole to directly lift the object.

In addition, according to customer requirements, customized non-standard form is also available, welcome to consult us at
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