Synchronism of Screw Jack System Oct 18 , 2018
In many cases where lifting is required, the weight of the lifted object is larger, or it is a platform with a large span. At this time, the safety factor of single screw jack is much smaller, and the guide rail support is added in time. Then the performance and components of the  screw lifts are very unfavorable. More people tend to choose four linkages or six linkages, which perfectly solves the problem of too long span. At the same time, multiple linkages are relatively stable and have a high safety factor.
screw jack system
The biggest difficulty of multiple linkage screw lifts is synchronization.
The following describes the problem of multiple linkage synchronization.
First of all, the coupling, the connecting rod and the commutator are required to connect several screw lifts, and the motor drive can be selected. If the lifted load is not heavy, it can also be driven manually.
Second, the installation direction of the screw lift, to avoid the screw moves in the opposite direction.
Third, the speed ratio of the screw lifts must be the same, otherwise there will be a gap between the speed of the lifts.
4. When installing multiple linkage elevators, the installation surface must be parallel with the horizontal plane. The shaft of the jack should be concentric with the coupling, the connecting rod and the shaft to avoid the occurrence of the competition.

Following the above points, multiple screw jack synchronization is easy to implement. Before formal use, multiple adjustments and running-in are required to confirm that it can be safely used .
Note that the screw screw lift is an industrial use machine and cannot be used by people.

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