Application Areas and Advantages of Small Screw Jacks Nov 09 , 2018
Application areas :

The mini screw jacks are widely used in chemical metallurgy, machinery manufacturing, door and window lifting, three-dimensional garages, and all places involving workpiece displacement. In recent years, the application fields are more extensive, such as some welded pipe equipment, glass machinery, flattening machine slitting machine, 3D printing equipment and other industries.  The small screw jack is more and more favored by the majority of manufacturers.


Compared with the hydraulic lift, the worm gear structure has its own unique advantages, small size, the general hydraulic lift is bulky and bulky, and the worm gear screw jack is relatively small in size, beautiful in appearance and convenient to install. It can be safely self-locking, hydraulic lift only plays the role of “pressure”, can not control self-locking, and the worm gear screw lift can be safely self-locking, no need to worry about the trouble caused by power failure, timely ball screw lift does not have a fast ratio. The self-locking function can also be self-locking by applying external braking or adding a motor with brake.
small size screw jack
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