Screw lift platform selection features Dec 22 , 2017

Worm screw lifts have the features of low-cost, easy  installation, flexible use, so they are used by more and more industries. Screw lifter’s worm gear drive has a good self-locking function, it can maintain the load  even without braking device. Worm gear drive makes the worm wheel rotate. The trapezoidal thread in the worm gear cooperates with the screw rod to drive the screw rod to rotate axially,then realize the deceleration and lifting functions.

worm screw lift platform

Several Screw lifts can make up a work screw jack platform, driven by a motor or hand wheel with other components to complete the synchronization of smooth movements. It should be noted that the screw lift platform, whether it is two, four or more linkage,it is recommended to choose one motor when we choose the drive.  Because different motors’ speed has speed difference, it is difficult to achieve synchronization and stability when different motors are selected.
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