Screw lift must be filled with lubricating oil before use Dec 27 , 2017

      The worm gear screw lifter manufactured by our company will be tested before leaving the factory and it has a certain amount of lubricating oil. However, in order to facilitate the transportation and prevent the leakage of oil during transportation, the oil will be dispensed when we do the packing. Therefore, Screw lift tank will only remain a very small amount of oil, so customers must fill lubricants before use .

acme translating screw lift

      For worm screw lift , particular attention should be paid to the first oil change. The oil should be replaced after the screw lift’ first run 300 to 400 hours .And thereafter,after every 1500 to 2000 hours,please replace the oil. In addition, in harsh working conditions, high temperatures, dusty workplaces, lubricants should be inspected once every half month, and if it is found that the lubricant is dirty,please replace the lubricant, so as to keep the lubricant clean and prolong the lifespan of the lifter.
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