Screw Lift Installation Examples Jan 25 , 2018

Screw lift installation should pay attention to different types of structures, the installation of different types of head, the wrong way to install the screw lift will cause serious damage. Here we come through a few illustrations to understand the worm screw lift installation notes:

Screw lift must be cleaned before commissioning. If possible, spray grease over the entire stroke length. Do not add load to the initial test lift system. Increase the load gradually during the test and check the temperature rise of each hot spot and gear box. Check the function and the tightness of each limit switch and all coupling bolts. Lift installed in a narrow location should be used to detect its rotation, hand-driven system to run a complete trip, the power to be easy and smooth.

The above is a simple introduction to the items that we need to pay attention to when installing and using the screw lifter. We hope it is useful for our customers, for more technical questions, please consult the company's technical department.

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