Analysis of worm gear wear of screw lifter Jan 25 , 2018

Worm gear screw jack’s  worm gear generally uses bronze, paired worm material hardened with 45 steel to HRC4555, or 40Cr hardened HRC5055 after grinding by the worm grinder to a roughness Ra0.8μm. Normal wear and tear is very slow, some lifters use life reach up to 10 years.

worm screw jack worm gear

If worm screw jack wears faster ,we generally consider the following reasons:

1.Judge if the selection is correct, the jack is overloaded operation. Select the lift regardless of static load, dynamic load, impact load shall not exceed its maximum allowable load, according to the safety factor, the use of stroke, proofing screw stability Select adequate capacity of the lift, if the product data will find Out of the elevator equipment as a whole major damage

2. Screw lift oil content is too low, oil is not up to standard. Screw lift factory prior to filling the oil, due to transport and other reasons not a lot of oil, so before use need to add lubricant. In use should also check the oil, oil, oil replenishment. Oily deterioration or impurities should be promptly replaced.

3. Screw lift’s worm gear material selection and processing technology is also very important for product quality. The worm gear usually uses tin bronze as the main material while the worm uses hard steel, worm gear and worm have friction during the lift operation, the worm gear with the softer material will wear and tear due to the action of the worm.

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