Application environment of worm screw jack Jan 25 , 2018

Worm screw lift is suitable for a variety of industries such as machinery, construction, transportation, water conservancy, culture etc. For the installation with no special requirements ,we recommend to use ordinary type screw lift which is economical; for some special industries such as food processing, medical equipment, moist and corrosive environment,  choose stainless steel or cast steel can be chosen according to the use standard.

stainless steel screw lift

Worm gear screw lifter installation needs to have enough space to move up and down,left and right.  For some narrow spaces,rotating screw jack can be chosen .After lift installed,screw nut will make axial movements to realize the object of rise and fall and turnover. The working environment temperature of the hoist should be controlled at -15 degrees Celsius to 80 degrees Celsius. When the working temperature is below 0 degrees Celsius, the efficiency of the whole machine will be reduced due to the influence of the change of the viscosity of the lubricant, so an adequate driving source must be selected. worm gear screw jack with different loads also need different torque, speed and power,so please check according to the actual situation, to avoid overload to cause significant damage to the screw lift.

For the specific selection and collocation, please consult our technical personnel of our company. Accessories such as bellow boot can be selected to protect the screw in outdoor or dusty environment.

small translating screw lift

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