Rotating screw jack used for double blade angle sawmill machine Dec 18 , 2017

The Sawmill is a versatile machine for the radial lumber, Pooh flooring material,carpenter lumber and palette lath production.The blade can move in the horizontal direction.

In the vertical direction,the screw jack lifting mechanism is used,so the blades can be lift up and down.

rotating worm gear screw jacks two-set screw jack lifting system

Two sets of rotating screw jacks system is used for double blade angle sawmill machine.Multiple Worm Gear Screw Jack Systems are Widely used in wood working machinery,plastics processing machines,textile machines,assemble equipment in automobile and aircraft industries,food and beverage production equipment as well as packaging machines.

Screw Jack System Features:

1. Configuration: screw jacks, bevel gearboxes, connecting shaft, couplings, guides, electric motor etc.

2. Heavy duty, self-locking, positioning precision, uniform lifting speed, fully synchronization, easy installation, easy operation

3. Two screw jacks system, three screw jacks system, four screw jacks system.

4. Extremely high capacity requirements of need very precise up or down control. It's of high mechanical, they are an excellent choice when hydraulic, pneumatic or chain systems are prohibitive choices.

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