How to do when the screw lifts clearance gets big? Dec 11 , 2017

For the worm screw lifter,there will be a lot of friction during the operation of the worm and worm wheel. As we all know, the heat generated by friction, the equipment will continue to produce more and more heat, thermal expansion and contraction will become more apparent , So it will cause the worm displacement and then produce more serious friction to form a vicious cycle. In addition,because long-time friction of worm gear, worm, screw  will produce a large number of abrasive objects and also increase  the gap, resulting in noise, swinging.


Worm gear screw lift clearance is a common problem during the use, and how to avoid this kind of situation as much as possible? The most important point is to do a good job of lifts lubrication maintenance, regular filling and replacing the lubricants for equipment can ease the friction of the equipment,then the friction will be small, the heat will be low, this method can prevent the equipment  arising from gap problem due to heat accumulation. If possible,please clean the equipment parts  periodically , change the lubricating oil so as to reduce the damage caused by the abrasive on the equipment and prolong the service life.
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