Duty cycle and Worm gear screw jack Nov 21 , 2017
Duty cycle is the proportion of time during which a component, device, or system is operated. The duty cycle can be expressed as a ratio or as a percentage. Suppose a disk drive operates for 1 second, then is shut off for 99 seconds, then is run for 1 second again, and so on. The drive runs for one out of 100 seconds, or 1/100 of the time, and its duty cycle is therefore 1/100, or 1 percent.

The more a circuit, machine or component is used, the sooner it will wear out. Therefore, the higher the duty cycle, the shorter the useful life, all other things being equal. If the above-mentioned disk drive has a life expectancy of 1,000,000 hours based on a 1 percent duty cycle, that same device's expectancy would probably be about 500,000 hours based on a duty cycle of 2 percent, and 2,000,000 hours based on a duty cycle of 0.5 percent.

acme and ball worm screw jack

Typical maximum duty cycles for standard machine screw jacks are between 20 and 40%.  When calculated with shorter running times over a 10 minute period duty cycles are 30-40% dependent on model.  For longer running times a 60 minute period is used and duty cycles are 20-30%.  Where higher duty cycles are needed, there are two options.
-oversize the screw jack so that the power required compared to the maximum power gives a factor that can increase the permissible duty.

- select a ball worm gear screw lift available in the range 5kN to 400kN.  These have higher efficiency and duty cycles of 70-100% are possible.

Choose Lude Transmission screw jacks for specific application, duty cycle should be a consideration data. Ball screw jacks are often chosen for their efficiency, allowing for an increased duty cycle and a smaller size jack to move a given load.
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