Multi-start threaded screw used for worm gear screw jack Nov 21 , 2017
The worm gear screw jacks we see are usually screw jacks with single start lifting screw. Here start means the thread cut on the screw. Please see below picture.
multi start worm gear screw jack

Often a screw jack is required not to 'back-drive' when the holding force is removed and an axial load is applied. A single start thread is commonly used in these situations as the shallower helix angle causes greater friction between threads and is usually sufficient to prevent slippage. Such a system is said to be self-locking. This assumes a statically loaded system with little or no vibration as this may cause the friction angle to be overcome and the combination to untighten. In systems that are subject to vibration a locking mechanism or brake is advised to prevent back-drive.

If self-locking is not a requirement of a system but a greater speed of translation is needed, then a multi start thread may be used. This implies that multiple thread forms are created on the screw shaft.
worm gear screw pitch

Double-start-thread screw jack is the most widely in applications for higher speed. For example, an increase speed, under the existing conditions: the input speed is constant, the reduction ratio has been the minimum speed ratio, then the last we can do is to consider double start on the rod, that is to increase the screw pitch. Take an example, if single start screw jack’s speed is 5mm/s,then for two start screw jack,the pitch will be doubled and the speed can get up to 10mm/s.

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