Advantages of electric worm gear screw jack Aug 25 , 2019
electric screw jack

The main advantages of electric worm gear screw jack are:

Higher Performance

· Accurate and smooth delivery of force.

· Increased range of actuation as the stroke position is easily and quickly varied.

· Electro-mechanical solutions are more resistant to temperature variations.

· Complete control of the entire motion profile using standard control methods.

· Repeatable and accurate positioning.

Reduced Costs

· The electro-mechanical screw jack is generally cheaper when compared to a hydraulic system when the required ancillary hydraulic equipment is included.

· Machinery requires less maintenance as no hydraulic oil to maintain, no leaks to repair.

· Less manual intervention on machinery to set up processes as electro-mechanical solutions can be controlled over the complete motion profile.

· Reduced downtime caused by hazardous fluid leaks.

· Electro-mechanical solutions only use power when moving the load. In comparison hydraulic systems generally have to maintain pressure levels to either maintain position when holding a load or to ensure that the system can respond when required.

Increased Safety

· In the event of power loss, screw jacks can be self-locking.

· No high pressure oil leaks.

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