Screw Jack System Sep 03 , 2020

The advantages of worm gear screw elevator linkage, the worm gear screw elevator platform (screw lifting platform) is a mechatronic motion execution unit that cleverly combines the motor, reducer, steering gear, worm gear and worm elevator through couplings, connecting rods, etc.

1.Compact structure.

2.Small size, light weight, wide power source.

3.No noise, easy installation, flexible use, and multiple functions.

4.There are many types of suits, high reliability and long service life.

5.Simple structure, easy processing, low cost, large transmission axial force, self-locking, high positioning.

Screw jacks may be easily configured in systems, motorized and manual, to raise and lower a load in unison. It is suitable for industrial applications in a variety of industries, with a variety of combinations and flexible operation.

In a single jack application, with no guide rails to isolate lateral load, a Rotating or Keyed screw jack must be used. Multiple jack applications, or single jack applications that are fully guided may use Translating or Keyed-Type screw jacks.

Arrangement recommends no more than 400MM in one minute. Because the slower the linkage speed, the higher the safety factor and the lower the noise, lower motor power (lower input torque ).

If the connecting shaft is used in arrangement with more than 1.5 meters, it is recommended to use a Trunnion.

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