4-unit linked screw jack platform solution Mar 08 , 2024

The 4-unit linkage lifting platform of the screw jack is a common combination form in the screw linkage scheme. The screw jack is combined with the motor and reducer through couplings, connecting rods, steering gears and other components to form simultaneous lifting and lowering in the same direction. Rotating work platform. The screw jack linkage platform has large load, high transmission efficiency, high positioning accuracy, and is easy to use and install. The unique self-locking function of worm gear transmission enhances the safe and smooth operation of the working platform.

The usual design and use plans of the 4-unit linkage platform of the screw jack are T-shaped, H-shaped and U-shaped. First, determine the load size of the linkage platform, the lift stroke, the required lifting speed and the size of the installation platform according to the usage requirements. Select the specific model of the screw jack according to the screw jack selection plan. The screw jack is arranged as symmetrically as possible on the platform so that each lift Uniform force. For use conditions with larger platform sizes, bearing support is required when the connecting rod is longer. Since the processing length of the connecting rod is limited (generally no more than 3 meters), the number of screw jacks can be appropriately increased so that the screw jacks can provide sufficient support points for the platform.

No matter how many units of the worm gear screw jack linkage platform are combined and linked, and the number of accessories used is different, they are all driven by one motor, so as to ensure the synchronization of the entire platform (due to errors in motor speed, multiple motor drives cannot guarantee synchronization stability) . When selecting a motor, the efficiency of each transmission component must be considered, and sufficient safety reserves must be reserved to ensure that the torque of the driving source is sufficient to drive each component to work smoothly.

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