Linear Actuator ---Worm screw jacks' upgrading product Nov 08 , 2017
linear actuator
Linear actuator is a kind of product upgraded from worm gear screw jack. It has special metal shell which can move along with the screw. It is more durable and easy to be maintained and has higher precision.

This product can be divided into ordinary teeth screw electric push rod (working system is 30%) and ball screw electric push rod (working system 100%)
Electric push rod drive can be optional DC motor 12/24/36 / 48V, single / three-phase AC 220 / 380V, stepper motor, servo motor, explosion-proof motor, gear motor.

Some features for linear actuator are listed below:
1.High-strength / high wear-resistant material selection,
2. high-precision parts processing,
3.advanced shell design concept, creating high-load carrying capacity,
4.impact resistance,
5. low noise,
6.long life

7.can work in harsh industrial environments.

According to the self-locking coefficient, self-locking performance can be determined, which can drive several push rods in absolute synchronization. Multi-point positioning with encoder (position accuracy: 0.1mm) can be realized with a large number of accessories, suitable for various special occasions.
Working environment temperature: 5 ℃ - 40 ℃, for -40 ℃ - + 70 ℃, consult your local office.
Protection class: IP54, IP55, (IP56, IP65, IP66), insulation class: F class (H class)
Includes long-life grease, maintenance-free.

Just like worm gear screw jacks system,several linear actuator can also work together as a system.
The linear actuator is mainly used for high-end equipment, which requires high accuracy of the operation . Applied industries: such as metallurgy and automation industry.

Application examples: home application & hospital bed
linear actuator application

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