Linear Actuator for X-ray Tables Jun 15 , 2018

A linear actuator typically converts rotary motion into linear motion by simple machines like the screw, wheel and axle or cam. By rotating an actuator's screw, the nut holds it in place, generating a linear motion, allowing the screw to travel in a straight line. When this is done without the benefit of a motor, it is called a mechanical linear actuator; with a motor, it is known as an electric linear actuator.

The new linear actuator for X-ray tables will be a real power pack. As usual a critical installation space and lowest possible price are the basic constants of our design.

In this case, the lever conditions in the starting phase due to the required maximum travel path are so unfavorable that the drive brings out stored force of a tensioned spring. This saves motor and gear power that is no longer necessary in further operation when the lever conditions are more favorable.

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