How do steering boxes and reversing boxes work? Oct 13 , 2023

How do steering boxes and reversing boxes work? Some friends don't know much, Lude Transmission will make a simple introduction for you.

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The steering box and the reversing box are actually one, the name is different, and it can also be called a commutator. There are several common ones, such as T series, ARA series, HD series, etc ... They are not the same shape, different sizes, and slightly different installation methods. However, they all have a common feature, that is, bevel gear structure. In a nutshell, they all use two bevel gears meshing to produce a 90-degree angle to commutate, becoming a steering box, or a reversing box.

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These three relatively speaking, the shaft configuration form of the T series is more diverse, which can meet multiple different needs, but no matter what kind of configuration form, it is still impossible to get rid of the simple working principle, that is, the use of bevel gear meshing to turn. Next, let's take a look at the internal diagram to help us dig deeper:

Then the direction of steering can be flexible, front, back, left, right, up, down, T-shaped, 90 degree right angle and so on. See the image below:

Looking at this figure, you have a clear understanding of the working principle of the steering box and the reversing box, in fact, it is to use the angle generated by simple gear meshing to steer, but the use of this more flexible, so that we can have more configuration forms to choose from.

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